Since opening its doors in June 2011, BETC London is fast-becoming one of London’s leading young creative agencies, attracting both international brands such as Bacardi, Ibis and Diet Coke and local classic British brands such as Cow & Gate.

BETC London is the first agency in a global micro-network established by the renowned French agency BETC. BETC Paris, founded in 1994, is the leading, largest and most awarded agency in France and the second most awarded agency in the world.

BETC London aims to build big ideas for its Clients. Not just big advertising ideas, but brand ideas that have the power to transform organisations and the way they work. We believe that this is the greatest value an agency can provide. Ideas that inform the behaviour of consumers and staff in equal measure. It takes courage to implement such ideas. And it takes courage to overcome the on going obstacles to keep an idea alive. Courage born out of a strong partnership between Agency and Client. BETC believe that courage is the single biggest factor between good and great.